Here at Gold Coast Compounding, we excel in preparing compounds for animals too! We work closely with veterinarians to prepare medications that your vet may need.

We know that it can be difficult to give your pets their medication, that’s why we can work with your Vet to prepare a medication that will be easier for them to take.

Transdermal medication delivery for veterinary patients (especially cats) is an answer to an age-old prayer from both veterinarians and pet owners. Delivering medication to cats noninvasively and without owner guilt is truly a landmark in veterinary pharmacotherapy. The transdermal delivery of medications has been well documented in some medications.

For liquids and capsules, compounding also gives us the flexibility to choose a flavour that is more acceptable to the individual animal. We stock a large range of Veterinary flavours to suit the needs of any animal, and are also able to supply medication in flavoured capsules.