Natural Hormone Replacement Compounding

We can prepare a compound tailored for your specific needs, based on your own test results. This can then be adjusted as you go, until the right outcome is achieved.

Thyroid Compounding

Our compounding pharmacists can collaborate with your doctor to prepare a tailored thyroid medication that suits your individual needs.

Nutraceutical Compounding

Nutrients are essential for your general wellbeing and mental health. We can prepare supplements tailored to your specific needs

Dermatological Compounding

Your practitioner may prescribe you a dermatological preparation that will need to be compounded. Compounding offers a solution for many people with skin problems.

Veterinary Compounding

We proudly prepare compounds for animals too. We work closely with veterinarians to prepare medications that your vet may need.

Pain Management Compounding

We can work with you and your doctor to prepare pain creams and other dosage forms containing multiple active ingredients, thereby potentially reducing risk of systemic side effects.

Paediatric Compounding

Giving medication to children can be difficult at the best of times. We know that each child is unique and we will endeavour to find a solution to your child’s individual medication needs.

Cosmeceutical Compounding

We can prepare individualised skin care customised for your skin type. We have access to high-quality raw ingredients and can tailor many products for you without a prescription.